GAGA CUSTOMADE is an online clothing store started since 2013. First, we started with GAGA WARDROBE until the company’s partial molding and independent production of the exclusive style. We go official with GAGA CUSTOMADE on 2017.

The main feature of GAGA is that all the clothes are produced by ourselves. We have our own designers and our own pattern makers. We produce every single pieces by ourselves, some of our designs that went viral which can be sold for hundreds of pieces.

At the very beginning GAGA CUSTOMADE mainly in produce winter series. The establishment of this brand is also started from autumn and winter season. GA’s style is based on the launch of the new year.

The only way to purchase our products is on our online store/ website. Customers around the world can purchase through our official website, GAGA CUSTOMADE Official Website.

The GAGA CUSTOMADE website is our main Global STORE. In the future, we will also operate the website as a systematic store, so that our customers can fully enjoy the joy of shopping on mobile phones. It can be purchased 24/7 without the worry of the working hours.

Our main production is located in Shanghai, China. Malaysia is the central point warehouse for the distribution of parcels, responsible for managing shipments and orders worldwide.